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“Tight end” Landon Young will be blocking, not catching passes

Landon Young signs autographs at Fan Day Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky offensive tackle Landon Young enjoyed getting to play some at tight end during spring practice when UK needed depth because of injuries. Not only did he enjoy the change, but he also says he could catch the ball if it was thrown his way.

“I think there is very little chance there will be a pass to him in the playbook,” Kentucky offensive line coach John Schlarman laughed and said. “If he is at tight end, he’s going to be blocking. He won’t be going out for too many passes.

“We had some injuries to tight end in the spring and there were some packages we worked on with six offensive linemen and Landon was the guy that bumped out. He claims that he can go out and catch a ball down the field, but we will see about that.”

Why? Wouldn’t he be a big target with those great hands he says he has?

“I think you have to be fast enough to get open number one,” Schlarman said. “That could be an issue for him. He runs well but that is a different type of speed to play out there.”


  1. Schlarman is messing with us. Well maybe he’s trying to mess with DC’s we’ll play against and try and convince them there is no need to double team him.

  2. Sorry. I messed up. I was thinking about Conrad. But then you never know what Gran will dial up.

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