Trash talking is just what Keldon Johnson does

Keldon Johnson (Chet White/UK Athletics Photo)


Normally one would not expect August exhibition games to get chippy. Yet two of Kentucky’s three games in the Bahamas have been just that way.

Sophomore P.J. Washington says there is a common denominator between the altercation in game one and another one Saturday night in UK’s 100-64 win.

“Keldon (Johnson) likes to talk trash. We just got to back him up. That’s the denominator. We just have to back him up,” said Washington. “He is a big-time trash talker.

“Every day in practice, every day even in shootarounds. That’s all he does … just talking about how good he is and others can’t guard him.”

Johnson, who had 15 points, didn’t deny Washington’s comment. If anything, he embraces the trash talking reputation.

“I definitely like to talk trash. Just being the player I am and competitor, it just happens,” Johnson said. “It’s not just in the game. I talk trash in practice, too, to my teammates. I feel like when I do talk trash it gets teammates to another level.
“We are a physical team. We want to be the ones to throw the first punch and see how they react.”

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