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UK freshman disappointed she will miss first game “hype” due to scheduling conflict with sorority rush created by UK

Hannah Teague with her horse, Hope, wearing her UK hat after she found out she had been admitted to UK.


University of Kentucky freshman Hannah Teague grew up in South Carolina watching UK basketball and football games with her father, Brady Teague.

Brady Teague is originally from Cincinnati but his whole family is from Knox County.

“We bleed blue,” he said. “My dad, Gary, played at Lynn Camp and was all-state in 1957 and my brother, Tracy, led the redesign of the UK (basketball) uniforms for Nike.”

Hannah Teague always knew Kentucky was the perfect school for her. Not only did she love UK sports, but she also rides and shows horses competitively and knew Kentucky was the “perfect spot” for her with so many horses.

She couldn’t wait to see her first football game at Kroger Field. She bought a student season ticket and planned to be at Saturday’s game against Central Michigan. Then she found our sorority rush had been moved to the same weekend this year and she wouldn’t be able to attend Saturday’s game.

“Coming here I was so excited to get football and basketball tickets,” she said Tuesday during a break between classes. “I had no idea there would be a major scheduling conflict with the first football game. I am really, really disappointed. I was so excited. Growing up I have always seen the UK games on TV. It was going to be so much fun to experience my first game in the stadium.

She readily admits it “doesn’t make any sense” to schedule rush events at the same time UK is playing football. She has several friends, especially those from out of state, who feel the same way.

“This is the first year it has been done this way. Even last year all the (sorority) recruitment process was done earlier so you would already be in a sorority when school started,” Teague said. “It just doesn’t make sense to me to do it this way.”

Hannah Teague, center, grew up in South Carolina watching UK games on TV with her family. Now she has to miss her first game as a UK student because of a conflict with sorority rush.

She understands many freshmen did not participate in K-Week events planned by UK officials last year after rush week was over. This way UK officials hoped postponing rush would increase K-Week participation.

“Me, I would rather get involved in a sorority and know my way around campus that way,” Teague said. “So now we are basically going to have a watch party Saturday (for the game). I have been doing that all my life. I came to UK to experience the hype and see the games in person, especially the first game of the season. Watching on TV is what I’ve always done. I just don’t get it.”

It’s also a bit frustrating that she parks her car in the football stadium lot and now has to move it Friday night to make way for fans to park at a game she cannot attend.

“It’s a long way to go get the car, move it behind my dorm and then move it back for Monday, especially when I can’t even go to the game,” Teague said. “I just wanted to enjoy going to a game and also going through rush. I never anticipated you wouldn’t be able to do both. It’s just disappointing.”

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  1. It seems like some people can’t get out of their own way.
    No need to rehash the blunders made in providing a fan experience, but to schedule this against the opening game is like pushing a rope.

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