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“UK has steadily made it more difficult for students, particularly fraternities and sororities, to enjoy football games.”


Mike Perros is a University of Kentucky graduate — and he also happens to be mayor of Danville.

He’s read about the dilemma UK put sorority members, as well as those hoping to join a sorority, in by scheduling rush for the same time Saturday when Kentucky is hosting Central Michigan in the season-opening football game.

I rarely comment but in this case, I feel I can add something to this situation. For 15 years or so, UK has steadily made it more difficult for students, particularly fraternities and sororities, to enjoy football games,” Perros said.

“At other SEC schools, games are promoted to students, particularly fraternities and sororities. This adds to the energy and excitement of the day. Also, alumni of the fraternities and sororities enjoy visiting their past groups before the games.”

Perros then makes a point UK obviously either disagrees with or didn’t consider.

“These same alumni (in fraternities and sororities) are the majority of those that annually contribute to the school,” Perros said. “UK continues to ignore these young people and their future capabilities. To say nothing of denying them of great times at football games.”

Or denying Kentucky football players the chance to have more students in the stands for Saturday’s game.

Another friend, Danville attorney Matt Walter, thinks it’s “ridiculous” what UK officials did to create the conflict for Saturday’s game.

I attended a small college for undergrad and a big college for grad school,” Walter said. “My first year at both places, I made lifelong friends tailgating and attending the first home football game. This is a travesty, especially for freshman students.”




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  1. Sad, this is crazy.

  2. The top personals at UK better wake up or they are going to regret of trying foot the bill to paid the dues of all the rebuilding of the sports stadium and Rupp Arena. It takes ticket sales to up keep the operation of the facility’s and carry on our big blue nation. These stories are more worrisome than thought.

  3. I think the University has made it difficult for most fans to attend football games. The increasing K-fund fees and the reseating mess after the CWS renovation hasn’t generated much love from the general public either. As is usually the case, UK gives the finger to the everyman while embracing big money.
    Don’t misunderstand, I still bleed blue. But aside from the very occasional game, the only revenue they’ll see from me is air time. And I find it sadly ironic that they are now whining about attendance at the opener.

  4. Will all the TV money continue to flow into the coffers if the seats remain empty?

  5. How is it possible that this is occurring?

    Is it possible that we are observing our own local version of the swamp?

    1. If this is really true, heads should roll at UK. Just another example that football is second fiddle at Kentucky, who by the way is in a football driven conference. Making it difficult for students to be in attendance at football games, really? Gives the impression that football at UK is just something to tinker with until basketball starts up. Stoops should be in the President’s office pleading his case, if he has not done so already. This is insane. Where in the world is Barnhart if this is indeed happening? Unrelated advice here now, don’t get between Tony Neely and a camera……. laughing.

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