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UK lineman Quinton Bohanna: “High school football is the purest form of football”

Quinton Bohanna. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Sophomore defensive lineman Quinton Bohanna was about 4 years old and running around his grandmother’s house when his uncle asked him if he might like to play football.

“I thought he would take me to a part to play, but he took me to a real, organized team,” Bohanna said.

The sophomore from Tennessee remembers what he was interested in when he first started playing, too.

“You just want to say you look good. You want to say you are on the team and can wear the jersey,” Bohanna said. “High school football is the purest form of football. You get up here (at UK) or higher and it becomes a business. There’s not as much love for the game because of all the money involved in the sport.

“I tell myself to go hard every sprint, every workout, every rep. Football don’t last long.”

He said high school football produces the best times and that he still misses going to camps like he did when he was younger.

“I love football here but it’s not like high school. Man, that was really fun. It’s more about business and work here. But I do think we can have a lot of fun winning this year,” Bohanna said.

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  1. I think he is right in one respect, but here is my take. Playing football at the college level is still about a school’s colors, and it’s name on the jersey, and it’s traditions, and expectations from it’s fan base, just like high school. Consistent winning and playing for championships make it a lot more fun for a warrior like Quinton. Consistent losing and a lack of national recognition, not so much. Especially for all the hard work required for both results. Just ask most Alabama football players, who are currently National Champs, about the fun part. Not many HS athletes ever get the chance to play college ball like he has been granted. of course it’s work. That said, it’s still not pro sports, just preparation for it. It’s hearing the crowd noise swell when you run onto the field for the Blue and White, and the jubilation that comes from a hard earned victory. Sounds like fun to me.

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