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What does Stoops think of backs behind Benny Snell?


It’s hard to talk about any Kentucky running back except Benny Snell. However, Snell can’t play every down this year even if he stays healthy.bThat’s why I asked Mark Stoops how he felt about Snell’s backup going into the season.

“I feel very good. Si (Sihiem King) has had a really good camp. A.J. (Rose) as well,” Stoops said. “We’ve talked about the young guys, the freshmen (Chris Rodriguez, Kavosiey Smoke). They’re talented players as well.

“But we feel like — hopefully we can lean on those three upperclassmen. I know A.J. and Sihiem are both chomping at the bit to get some more reps as well because they’ve put in the work and been very consistent and done a good job.” 

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