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Who is best fisherman on UK football team?

Kash Daniel, left, could be UK’s best fisherman — even better than Landon Young, right. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Who is the best fisherman on the Kentucky basketball team?

A lot of Wildcats enjoy fishing. Few get a chance to do much fishing once they get to Kentucky because of the time demands placed on them by football.

In-state players Landon Young, Kash Daniel and Drake Jackson used to joke about who was the best fisherman — only to have UK women’s basketball player Maci Morris say she was easily better than Daniel.

Alabama offensive linemen Bunchy Stallings and Logan Stenberg also like to fish.

So I asked Stenberg who was the best fisherman on the team.

“Bunchy wants to be. We all love Bunchy,” Stenberg said.

He paused a moment, then admitted Daniel probably was the best.

“He has to be the best,” Stenberg said. “I have not fished in over a year myself, so I guess it can’t be me.”

So Daniel is better than Young?

“I would say so. I think Kash cares more (about fishing) than Landon,” Stenberg said.

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