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A.J. Rose on what he did after blowing protection assignment (Larry Vaught/Verizon Video)


Sophomore A.J. Rose clearly blew a pass protection assignment Saturday against Central Michigan.

Offensive coordinator Eddie Gran didn’t yank him out for the mistake. The next play Rose had went 55 yards for a touchdown.

“I told him to shake it off and let’s move forward and I didn’t just keep him on the side with me. I let him go back in and that was good,” Gran said Tuesday. “The rest of the game, he really did well. He took it personal and as a back, you never want to give up a quarterback sack. That’s bad personal for us. But I always talk to him. You are what you are on film. And so, you gotta make sure you get that handled.”

Here’s what Rose said about pass protection after Tuesday’s practice:

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