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April Snell on win over Gators: “Told you so.”

Benny Snell talks to his mom after Saturday’s win over Florida. (Vicky Graff Photo)


“Told you so.”

That was the message I got from April Snell, the mother of Kentucky running back Benny Snell, just a few minutes after UK’s streak-busting 27-16 win over Florida.
Before the season open, April Snell was confident Kentucky was going to beat the Gators for the first time since 1986.

“We are going to beat Florida . Then I am going on (social) media and going to say I told you so,” she said.

Now she can do just that.

Kentucky ran for 303 yards, overcame a 10-7 halftime deficit and survived too many penalties to win in Florida for the first time since 1979 and move to 2-0 on the season.

The Cats gave game balls to offensive line coach John Schlarman, who is undergoing chemotherapy treatment, and defensive lineman Josh Paschal, who is not playing after being diagnosed with skin cancer in the preseason.

“They are in our hearts every day,” Snell said.

But the UK players also know what this win means to fans.

“HISTORYYY!!!!!  BBN THAT WAS FOR YALL,” Snell posted on Twitter.

Boyle County native Candace Garrison Goad now lives in St. Augustine, Fla. She was at the game Saturday night but admitted she couldn’t watch the final few minutes.

“Kept watching the clock and listening. But when ended, it was sweet! We were surrounded by Gators so the sad faces were everywhere. I was smiling and posting (on social media),” Coad said.
She said she avoided getting excited until the final play .

“It will be good this next year. I can now wear my UK shirts during football season, too. Really, though, all my good Gator friends have been congratulating me. They’re good people,” Garrison said.

This game was so eerie.

Florida had a field goal that looked good ruled no good. Florida got a couple of key penalties late. Kentucky made key first downs when it counted.

Linebacker Josh Allen made a great pass breakup on a two-point conversion try by the Gators that would have cut the lead to 21-18 and then forced a fumble with a hit on the quarterback on the final play that turned into a bizarre return for a touchdown by Kentucky.

No wonder Snell, who ran for 175 yards, told Kentucky Network sideline reporter Dick Gabriel that he cried when he celebrated with his parents after the game.

“That meant the world to me. I just felt like I lived the dream. I dreamed about this win and it happened in front of my eyes,” Snell said.


  1. CONGRATS to the team and the coaching staff for busting the streak as I was one that wasn’t too confident that it would happen. Is it possible that Stoops and staff have finally arrived? There were a few exceptions, but it was gratifying to see that this team has finally started to show that they can tackle and cover passes. I guess the biggest surprise post game is that Gran apparently still thinks we believe that he really does want to target Conrad and Baker in these games. Conrad now has 5 catches for about 12 yds now. I know….Gran is saving for next opponent.

  2. I have been critical of this UK football team, and Stoops, I own up to it. That said, 31 straight losses to the same team was hard to swallow. If one says that the Florida “Streak” didn’t cause you to question this program, and the coaching staff after some of those losses, I believe you are being a little less than truthful. All I have ever wanted is for the” Streak” to be broken, and time after time Florida would win, many times with last second scores that took your breath away as a UK football fan.

    I was at the game with my 10 year old son in 1979 when the Cats beat the Gators 31-3 in Gainesville. Their last victory in Gainesville until last night I believe. Charley Pell was the Gator Coach and Fran Curci, a great coach, directed the Wildcats. The win last night by this UK football team was one of the biggest wins in UK football history IMO. It ranks higher in my mind than the LSU win in 2007.

    Stoops had his team ready, he deserves a ton of credit. There is no doubt that he has recruited some good football players to Lexington to wear the Blue and White, they went to war last night with the odds against them. The “Streak” is now broken. The whole UK team played with heart and determination last night, a credit to this coaching staff. They were not going to be denied. I believe this team is capable of having a great year now. They proved to the world they are for real. They started a streak of their own last night. It was good to see.

  3. To all the self proclaimed negative nelly’s and duped by stoopers of the world. I hope that this game at the very least removes some of the VENOM from your comments for a while. It’s not Monday morning quarterbacking to choose to have trust in this team and staff. To simply believe yes believe that we have a better product than has sometimes been shown. Or to see the glass as half full instead of half empty. It’s a choice and some of us choose to support the guys and the staff even when they look bad. BEST WIN IN MY LIFETIME. So very proud of the guys and the staff. We threw just enough to make them think and proved that you can win in the Swamp by running the ball. Yes running the ball. Which most thought was not possible. What an O line. What a D line. Guys that are coached up to the level we saw last night. Let’s all enjoy the day. The world seems a little brighter today. Go Cats

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