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Big Blue Madness tickets gone in 40 minutes

LEXINGTON, Ky. – A little rain wasn’t going to stop Big Blue Nation from attending one of its most sacred events.

Even with rain for much of the first two days, Kentucky fans packed the Memorial Coliseum/Joe Craft Center grounds for the Big Blue Madness campout this week and – with the help of online sales – snatched up all of the tickets for Big Blue Madness in less than 40 minutes of availability Friday night.

Fans were able to pick up tickets Friday night at UK’s Memorial Coliseum ticket office and claim them online. Tickets were available to the public starting at 10 p.m.

More than a thousand fans – and 322 tents to be exact – camped out on the Memorial Coliseum/Joe Craft Center grounds over the last three days to get in line for tickets. Others obtained their tickets online.

UK Athletics strongly encourages fans to neither buy nor sell their Big Blue Madness tickets. Additionally, ticket holders should be aware of the potential risks of posting pictures of their tickets, specifically the barcode, on the internet in any way. For more information about ticket security, visit All patrons require a ticket to Big Blue Madness, regardless of age.

Big Blue Madness, which will feature introductions of both the men’s and women’s basketball teams, practice drills, videos, and more, is Oct. 12 at 7 p.m. in Rupp Arena. It will be televised on the SEC Network.

This will be the 14th time Madness has been held in Rupp Arena.



  1. Woo Hoo. For the 13th straight year I was there and got my tickets. I camped
    thru a steady rain most of the day Thursday and will celebrate my 57th birthday at BBM like I have for the last 13 years. I love and will continue to do it for as long as the good lord is willing. I have been told by my friends that I am too old to do this in these under these types of conditions. My response is simple. I am to old not to do this. I have buried to many friends some several years younger than I not to. Life is fleeting and fragile. Go Big Blue.

    On a different note. A lot of the negativity that is present on this site seems generational. IMO. I have spent the last 4 days and 3 night with young men and women 25 to 30 years younger than myself and the overwhelming response to this FB team is nothing like I read here. Maybe they are to young to remember the 70’s(most were not born yet). But they still go to games(they buy in the lot from who ever is selling and they are far more positive than most here. They still attend games and bring their families. So I for one will no longer respond to the negative here if I come here at all. You old dudes can have this site. If I post at all it will no longer be because of the opinions of the negative expressed here. I love this site and always will. But the rear view mirror is small for a reason.


    1. Well, as for my part in the reason for your post here, I speak my piece on here, but I am always glad to hear all opinions expressed. Even those I don’t agree with generally. You listening PK? It helps me pass the day in my old age, gives me a purpose. Sorry to see you go UKFMLY. I think you are being a little to sensitive for leaving a sports site like this, but do as you please. I have enjoyed your posts. Some have even helped me see things in a different light too at times. I meant no disrespect to you. This ain’t life or death, just sports, and fun.

      I will say to the younger generation you speak of, there is UK sports history at play that they can learn from. Learn it from old timers like us who have seen UK football at it’s worst, but also at it’s best at times. The bad years have certainly outweighed the good too, in football’s case at UK, that is fact Thus the current joy and excitement of watching UK go to 5-0. Learn and listen because there is tradition and history that tells a story of past UK players that will live on in some of our hearts. Players like Art Still, Derrick Ramsey, Warren Bryant, Jim Kovach, Sonny Collins ( who can ever forget that great) to name a few in the modern era. Even way back to Coach Bear Bryant’s years before he bolted for Texas A&M and Alabama. He started at KENTUCKY! Great days and players like the Babe, and the football glory years of so long ago. I have never understood or bought into the notion that UK can’t excel in football, because they can and have. They just need the right coach and the right administration. Maybe they have that now, we shall see.

      I have learned over the years that you can still be a fan of a team and criticize poor play and poor coaching, while at the same time cheer them on. If that is negativity then so be it. We mean no harm, just want to see a champion in the blue and white before our days are spent.

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