Big Blue Madness was “electrifying” for UK commit Tyrese Maxey’s mother

Tyrese Maxey


When Denise Maxey came to Big Blue Madness with her son, Texas guard Tyrese Maxey, she got a feel for what it will eventually be like when her son plays for coach John Calipari at Kentucky.

Tyrese Maxey was the first commitment in UK’s 2019 recruiting class and plans to sign with the Wildcats in November.

“Tyrese was not on the floor for Big Blue Madness, but it was electrifying,” she said. “It just felt good.

“We loved the campus. Everybody just seemed to be normal people. I just felt good there.”

She knows it might not be quite as relaxing when her son gets to UK and is playing in Rupp Arena.

“I will hopefully just be taking it all in unless he does something crazy,” she laughed and said.

“He has been wanting to be in that arena and in that space for such a long time. He loves Kentucky. I have had time to digest it and prepare my mind for it already to a certain extent. But he can’t wait. He’s ready to be there now in a lot of ways.”


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