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C.J. Conrad on Josh Allen, his catch, physical game

#87, C.J. Conrad, TE

On Mississippi State blocking Josh Allen…
“Josh was having a great game, but I’ve seen Josh do that to our tackles, you know?  Josh is a really good player and he deserves everything he has coming his way.”

On his spectacular reception…
“Yeah it felt pretty good, I’m not going to lie. I’m all about this team and whatever I can do to help this team, if that’s run blocking or making a big play over the middle, I’m going to do it. I did what I needed to do tonight and make a big play for this team to help us win.”

On preparing for the physicality of Mississippi State…
“Yeah, I mean there’s no doubt we heard the talk during the week how physical Mississippi State was and we’re pretty physical too, we have that mentality, that edge about us and we have a great running back. He’s unbelievable and he drives us all. He plays so physical and he gives everything he’s got and that comes down with the offensive line and tight ends and we’re going to play for him because he play so hard. It was an amazing feeling.”

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  1. One of the best and most rewarding wins for this program since Stoops arrived in 2013. Josh Allen is a load. He played possessed last night. Success breeds success. GO CATS!!!!

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