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Can Kentucky “grind it out” against Mississippi State?

Benny Snell (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Former Kentucky running back Anthony White admits he has tried to avoid picking a winner of Saturday night’s Kentucky-Mississippi State game.

“I don’t know if beating Florida was the party everybody thought,” said White Thursday during an appearance on WPBK-FM. “That wasn’t a really good Florida team. Taking nothing away from Kentucky because we have a good team. But I am just not sure we can grind it out for 60 minutes against them. That’s just the way those guys are wired.

“If we win this game, it will tell me a whole lot about this team. If we make it a good game, I will still be happy. If it looks like it did in Starkville (last year), then I will have some questions.”

White knows Mississippi State will “stack the box” to stop UK running back Benny Snell.

“They can make it a tough day for him but Benny will be determined to show the world what he can do and you’ll have to hit me every play,” White said. “We don’t have anything to lose. We are playing with house money.”

Snell said he felt he could run on any team, including Mississippi State. White likes that confidence.

“Benny also feels once we get the lead we have arguably the best back in the conference and nation and let’s just run him,” White said. “He’s not giving up. He’s the team’s best option for getting yards.

“He has the swagger that he can take care of a free man or two the line can’t block. That’s a luxury for an offensive line to know he has the confidence in them that he does.”


  1. The Florida win was special because of breaking the “streak.” UK was just a better team that night. I still think Florida could become a dangerous team before the season is over. Why? One name, Mullen. I think Florida will beat UT in Knoxville tomorrow.

    It will be a real test tomorrow night for UK against the Bulldogs, no doubt. I believe the key to a win is the UK defense. I also think Wilson’s play is key. If he has a good game running and passing, the UK offense will be engaged. Snell will run on MS if his OLine comes to play. They must dominate the line of scrimmage. If MS stacks the box to stop Snell, Wilson has to hit his open receivers. But first and foremost, UK’s defense must rise to the occasion and put Fitzgerald on the ground all night long. They must stop MS. A win here, and UK is poised for a very big year. They can do this at CWS.

  2. “Grinding It Out” in basketball occurs when a team slows the pace to shorten the game by limiting the number of possessions.

    This season, UK football has been a “Grind It Out” type of football team. The average number of possessions in a college football game has been between 12 and 13 for many years. UK has played at a pace within this range nearly every season as well. The last two games have seen only 4 possessions in 3 of the four halves of play, and the exception was the second half against Murray State that saw more possessions after the game got out of hand.

    It is doubtful that Mississippi State can score 40 o r more points tomorrow night if UK can “Grind It Out” again, like they did against Florida and Murray, with only 4 possessions per half. The key will be taking advantage of those limited possessions by not making turnovers, not going 3 and out, making first downs, moving the chains, and getting some points each time you have the ball.

    Grind It Out!!!

  3. By “Grind it Out” I assume we all mean line up and run the football down MS’s throat all night. Yeah, I agree, UK must “Grind it Out” IF THEY CAN, but throw it when they must. MS is not Florida. They have a much stouter defense that will do everything they can to stop Benny Snell and UK’s running game, count on it. UK has plenty of play makers all over the field, use em!!! Yeah, I would love to see UK Grind it Out, I just don’t know if they can against this team. I say be heavy on the run, but mix in the pass, both short and long range, have some balance.

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