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Does Mark Stoops offer advice to Eddie Gran?

Mark Stoops hugged Benny Snell after the Mississippi State win. (Vicky Graff Photo)


With Kentucky off to a 4-0 start, coach Mark Stoops was asked if he ever gave offensive coordinator Eddie Gran any advice?

At Media Day, Stoops joked that sometimes he did get in “Gran’s ear” about controlling the clock.

“I have at times (given advice), but Eddie appreciates that because if I’m seeing things … offensive coordinators, there’s a lot of plays they have to call. If something’s working, I want to make sure they defend it before we move on because as a defensive coach, you’re letting us off the hook if you’re not defending it and you just decide to call something different. Does that make sense?” Stoops said.

“He likes it when I give him that and certainly there’s some things that I know defensively that gives us problems and that I know that we’re getting away from, that we’re getting away with it during camp. We’re getting away with it, but we’re not going to get away with it during the season, so I want him to attack us and then therefore it creates something they like.”

What about in games?

“As far as getting in his ear during the game and all that, I have to get myself off sometimes, I’ll click off, say, ‘I’m going over to defense, you do what you got to do.’ Let him get in a rhythm and keep going,” Stoops said.

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  1. I hope not!!!! (just kidding) LOL.

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