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Don’t expect Murray State to give Benny Snell any extra motivation

Benny Snell (Vicky Graff Photo)


I don’t know a lot about Murray State football, but I am sure I know one thing.

Murray State will not have any players insult Kentucky star running back Benny Snell this week like Central Michigan and Florida did the previous two weeks.

Snell responded with 125 yards and two touchdowns against Central Michigan and then 175 yards against Florida in the historic win over the weekend.

“Like I told Benny the last time somebody popped off against him, I said, ‘Listen, when you do what you do in the SEC you don’t have to say anything. People know who you are.’

“He’s a dynamic back. He gets very, very tough physical yards. Believe me, people in this league respect for him. That’s all that matters.”

Snell needs to average about 110 yards rushing per game in the next 10 regular season games to become UK’s all-time leading rusher.  Murray State doesn’t figure to be able to match UK’s depth, speed and strength, so it would seem this could be a good week for him to roll up some yards even though I am sure Stoops will want to give backup A.J. Rose — who had a 100-yard game against Central Michigan — more carries than he got at Florida when Snell carried the team.

However, just don’t expect the Races to provide any extra pregame motivation for Snell like Central Michigan and Florida did. The junior running back admitted as much after the win at Florida when he was obviously excited.

“All through the week I was just thinking about the moment,” Snell said. “The game ended and all the (Florida) fans leaving, it was what I dreamed about. This is the best feeling in the world. I can barely talk I’m so happy.”

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