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Eddie Gran: Cats can’t turn the ball over

David Bouvier (33) got lifted in the air by teammate Dorian Baker after his TD catch at Florida. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Just because Kentucky beat Florida does not mean that offensive coordinator Eddie Gran is satisfied with everything about UK’s play — even if the offense did average one big play out of ever five snaps against the Gators.

Gran has a list of “little things” he wants cleaned up against Murray State Saturday afternoon.

“No. 1, don’t turn the football over. OK. Coach (Mark Stoops) always talks about ‘it’s the program.’ That ball is our program. We’ve gotta continue to get better. We’re getting closer though. Making better decisions. Guys are holding onto the ball. It was a physical game. The one Terry (Wilson) got knocked down, it was locked up here pretty good but it got knocked out and that can’t happen,” Gran said Tuesday.

“I think the consistency of when you get done with a game like that, and the highs and lows and the 14, 15 weeks of the season, you’ve gotta be able to come back out here now and turn all that off. People will be slapping you on your back telling you you did a great job. We’ve got a game this week. This game is about us. That’s just being consistent and continuing to get better.”

Wilson lost a fumble at Florida and also threw an interception late in the first half to cost UK a scoring opportunity. But Gran said everything was “calm” at halftime when the coaches explained what he had done wrong.

“Can’t make that decision like that. Ball had to be up high. Would’ve been a tight throw down there. Real tight. But those are red zone throws. Shoot, he said ‘Let’s go coach.’ He was ready to roll. No flinching,” Gran said.

Overall Gran was pleased with Wilson’s decision making compared to the opening game against Central Michigan.

“If something broke down, or something wasn’t right he ran with the ball. We kinda talked about last week, I thought his feet were going to be huge. We played Louisville two years ago, same type of defense and I think Stephen had four or five first downs down there. It reminded me of the same things,” Gran said.

“He made quick decisions, and when it wasn’t there he made it and he went. Saw him on the run a little bit this time make a touchdown pass on a great scramble, throw it to (David) Bouvier. A week prior to that he threw one up for a pick. This one he threw for a touchdown. So those are positive things.”

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