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Florida losing streak fourth longest all-time nationally against single opponent

Kash Daniel was UK’s leading tackler against Central Michigan. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Could tonight be when Kentucky finally ends that losing streak against Florida? Kentucky has nowtbeaten Florida since 1987 despite having several great opportunities to do so. Remember last year when not once, but twice, Kentucky left a receiver uncovered inside the red zone when Florida rallied to win at Kroger Field?

Kentucky’s 31 straight losses to Florida is the nation’s longest single-opponent losing streak in college football. In fact, it’s the fourth longest all time behind Notre Dame over Navy 43 times, Nebraska over Kansas 36, and Oklahoma over Kansas State 32. Penn State also beat Temple 31 straight times.

The next closest current streak? Alabama over Vanderbilt 22 straight times.

To ever gain respect as a legitimate football team, Kentucky has to be able to beat Florida but just don’t count me as one who thinks that will happen tonight in the Swamp.

Florida players have said this week that the streak will be 32 straight after Saturday night’s game. Kentucky backup running back A.J. Rose heard the talk, but says it didn’t bother him.

“We aren’t talking. We’ll just play,” Rose said.


  1. According to many football observers, Florida may be the most improved team in college football by Thanksgiving, and looking toward future seasons, Florida should improve even more under Mullen’s coaching.

    If the Cats don’t stop this streak tonight, it may go on for a few more seasons which would probably move this to the #2 position on that all time list.

    They need to finish this tonight, against significant odds.

  2. BBN to Stoops…please do not embarrass us and the team tonight! Vandy up 41-10 over Nevada as we speak, and they are forcing turnovers. They look like they could kick our butts now but we will all have a better feel after tonight.

  3. Vanderbilt has had a very strong start for their season. Beating Vanderbilt this season is not a gimme’

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