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Former Cat Twany Beckham writing second book on life after college athletics


Remember former University of Kentucky basketball player Twany Beckham, a member of the 2012 national championship team after transferring from Mississippi State. He graduated with a 3.4 GPA and earned all-SEC academic honors.

He published a book (“Full Court Press — Conquering Adversity Under Pressure”) about his life story. He’s now Wellness Director for the Kentucky Employees’ Health Plan where he tries to improve the overall health and wellness of Kentucky state employees.

He’s also working on a second book.

“The first book was a lot about life and my experiences through basketball at Mississippi State and Kentucky,” Beckham said. “This book is about life after college and the pressures you face with being a regular human being just going to work, paying your bills. There’s a lot of things that challenge you that you really don’t think about until you get out in the real world.”

The Louisville native had his basketball career ended his senior year at UK. He woke up one morning with no feeling in his legs. He went to a few practices before finally telling the UK trainer what was wrong. An MRI found two herniated discs in his back and on Jan. 29, 2013 he had back surgery.

“You have got to work for everything. There are so many hurdles that you are not used to that you must adjust to in life,” Beckham said. “I found that out myself. So the book is just real life stuff you experience that I think can help people and I can’t wait until the book is ready for everybody to see.”

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