How has UK offensive line been so good?

Vicky Graff Photo


Kentucky thought it had more depth on the offensive line than ever before this year — and then starting left tackle Landon Young went down with a season-knee injury before the first game.

Yet Kentucky ran for a stunning 303 yards against Florida last week to end a 31-game losing streak to the Gators and star running back Benny Snell has 300 yards rushing in the first two games.

Is that due to the play of E.J. Price and Nassir Watkins in Young’s spot, the play of the other four returning starters or a combination of both?

 “A little bit of both, it helps the offensive line has such great experience other than left tackle. That helps a great deal and again, helps with the standards of our offensive line and how they play and having a physicality about you and the communication has been good in that group and that comes from experience,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said.

“When you’re breaking in a young guy that does help. The other two guys (Price and Watkins) have stepped in and done a really nice job. It’s nice to have two guys there to unload a little bit of pressure on them and to alternate series and get some rest, speaks to the volume and depth of our team.

“Coach Schlarman has done such a good job of teaching those guys and putting them in position to be successful.”

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