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If Logan Stenberg doesn’t give Benny Snell a hole, “he will make one”

Logan Stenberg talks with UK offensive line coach John Schlarman. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky tight ends coach Vince Marrow says linemen love blocking for Benny Snell, a belief offensive guard Logan Stenberg verified.

“I love having him running the ball. I know if I give him a little hole, he’s going to hit it hard. He’s going to make me look good,” Stenberg said. “And I will make him look good sometimes if I can widen that hole a little extra. It’s a good tradeoff.”

Stenberg knows what to expect if he doesn’t get his block.

“If I don’t give him a hole, he will make one. He will lower the head and go straight through it. Sometimes I will get his head in my arm, or even my head, but that is just part of the game with Benny. He’s coming through whether you gave him a hole or not,” Stenberg said.

“He brings it like that every day. Weight room, indoor facility, outdoors. He is always ready.
I love it. It makes blocking easier. If you got someone who is not appreciative and doesn’t want to work, it’s like why am I blocking for this guy. Once you have somebody who wants to get better and improve the offense, it drives you to want to do the same. That’s why we love Benny.”

True freshman running back Kavosiey Smoke says it was “great” learning from Snell the past few months and the UK junior gave him plenty of easy advice to follow.

“He told me just to stay focused and not get down on yourself. Be a good teammate and work hard,” Smoke said. “He’s very humble. Keeps up with everything. That’s something I can relate to. He’s going to let you know if you don’t do something right and get on to you and tell you what to do to make you do right. You have to like and respect that because you see what he does and know he knows what he’s talking about.”

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