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Kash Daniel “bummed out” over ejection, Jordan Jones says Daniel is “leader of the defense”

Kash Daniel could only watch the end of Saturday’s game. (Vicky Graff Photo)


If there was one negative from Saturday night’s win over South Carolina it was that junior linebacker Kash Daniel was ejected in the second half after being called for targeting on a return after a Darius West interception.

Nothing helmet to helmet but the ruling was that Daniel lowered the boom on a defenseless player — who wasn’t looking.

He had to watch most of the second half but the bad news is that he now has to sit out the first half of the game at Texas A&M.

“Kash, he’s bummed out with himself. And, again, that’s what I told the team. I felt like we always, early in the week, we talk about whatever the situation’s going to be. Another big game at home and all that. And at times we could handle this situation better than we did tonight,” Stoops said.

“We didn’t handle it quite as good as we did a week ago, in my opinion. So the guy’s got to reign it back in a little bit. There was nothing malicious about that. He didn’t mean to target somebody, it was very, very close, from what I could tell, and so it’s disappointing.

“But again, teaching moment for us about peel back blocks and all that stuff.”

Senior linebacker Jordan Jones, who had another superb game, has been known to lose his self-control at times during games. This year his demeanor has been perfect.

“He just wanted to make sure that we weren’t down because he wasn’t in,” Jones said about Daniel. “He wanted us to keep fighting and keep doing it.

“We did that today. We need Kash. He’s really the leader of the defense.”

Check that last sentence again.

“He’s really the leader of the defense,” Jones said.

Remember, Kentucky has senior linebacker Josh Allen on defense along with returning senior starters Mike Edwards, Darius West and others. But Jones, not one to embellish in his interviews, calls Daniel the defensive leader.


  1. I didn’t think it was targeting. The USC player was trailing a UK ball carrier down the sideline. Cash came at him from his left side. In football, you have to protect yourself as much as possible at all times. The player may not have seen Cash coming, and it looked like to me Cash led more with his right shoulder and not his helmet, but high. It was just a violent block that took the player out, (he will definitely remember that lick). Targeting should be called when there is no doubt it was done to a defenseless player in a malicious manner on helmet to helmet contact. I did not think that play met the criteria. UK will miss Cash for a half against Texas A&M.

  2. I am a huge Kash fan.
    That hit was not targeting. It was a legal hit.
    It was also VERY DIRTY. He should have been called for unnecessary roughness and thrown out of the game.
    The ball carrier was 8 – 10 yards ahead of the SCAR player and was heading out of bounds. The SCAR player would never have caught him.
    Kash did not need to take that shot.

  3. It was a physical game, no doubt. Things happen in a hard fought football game that are not seen by the fans. It is a violent game, at this level for sure. I saw USC players do some pretty dirty things too, especially to Snell on the ground at times, that never got called. Maybe it was some sort of pay back. I don’t think Cash is a dirty player, I think he is a tough hard nosed MLB looking for somebody to hit on every play. At any rate, UK will miss his services Sat at A&M, and that hurts UK big time

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