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Kash Daniel, Josh Allen ready to keep pace with up tempo South Carolina offense

Josh Allen (Vicky Graff Photo)


Don’t worry about Kentucky junior linebacker Kash Daniel not being ready to face South Caorlina’s offense Saturday night because he’s still celebrating last week’s win over Mississippi State.

“Our preparation has got to be on point. Got to know who you are going against,” Daniel said. “The quarterback is an explosive player. Has a really good arm and can make plays with his feet. He’s dynamic and not just one dimensional.

“They sometimes go up tempo with their offense. We have got to be fast to get the call (from the sidelines), get lined up right and play our assignments every snap. If we do that, we’ll be fine.”

Linebacker Josh Allen had a monster game that disrupted Mississippi State last week. What would an up tempo offense do to his play and how will it impact UK’s defense?

“Get lined up is the first thing you h ave to do. Get to the ball and stop them on first and second down and then on third down rush the passer,” Allen said. “You get tired quicker (against an up tempo offense) but it is what it is. Missouri ran it last year. I feel great about we are going to do.”

So does Daniel.

“The coaches tell us you win games through the week of preparation. It’s that simple. If you practice hard and got good communication, we’ll have that on the field. What you see on the field is what we see here each day.”


  1. Not sure what “uptempo” means, but here are some facts.

    This year, UK has averaged 10.9 possessions per game vs. 11.0 by USC
    This year, UK has averaged 65.5 plays per game vs 72.3 plays per game by USC
    This year, UK’s opponents have averaged 63.8 plays per game vs 67.0 plays per game by USC opponents

    This year, UK has averaged 6.5 yards per play vs 6.6 yds/play by USC
    This year, UK’s opponents have averaged 4.4 yds/play vs 5.0 yds/play by USC opponents.

    The defense must reduce USC’s average yardage per play to a level closer to 4.4 yds/play than 7.0 yds/play. If that is “slowing” down the USC offense, so be it. Similarly, UK’s offense must average closer to 6.5 yds/play than 5.0 yds/play against the USC defense.

    This game, like nearly all games, will be won and lost on the line of scrimmage.

  2. UK has to stop USC on third down all night long. and UK must convert on 3rd down all night long, extending drives. UK must score in the Red Zone every time as they move deep into USC territory. I look for Wilson’s play to be another big factor too.

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