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KHSAA wanted to know if Zion Harmon was “recruited all my life”

Zion Harmon talked to youngsters attending a clinic at Heath in January. (Larry Vaught Photo)


The Kentucky High School Athletic Association heard the eligibility appeal from Marshall County sophomore Zion Harmon Friday but a decision has not been released on what the ruling will be.

Harmon was a starter on Bowling Green’s state championship team in 2017 and then led the state in scoring as a freshman at Adair County last year. He transferred to Marshall County in June — the family has moved to Marshall County — and is attending school at Marshall County.

He did not practice with the team this summer while he played for an AAU team in St. Louis and also attended various camps across the country.

Mike Harmon, Zion’s father, had said his son had plenty of “opportunities” and the family would not complain about whatever decision the KHSAA made before the hearing was held.

In response to a question I posed on Twitter wondering how the hearing had gone, Zion Harmon offered a few insights into what the appeal process was like.

“They investigated my whole life since 5th grade. 2% of the whole hour was about ‘Bylaw 6.’ They were trying to prove I was ‘recruited’ all my life. Hopefully we will know something soon,” Harmon replied on Twitter.

Bylaw 6 requires a student-athlete to sit out a year for transferring but provides numerous exceptions including change of residence, family circumstances and more. Harmon’s father explained to me that the move to Adair County was to put his son in a place where he would concentrate on academics and athletics — he’s also an honor student hoping to graduate a year early — and the move to Marshall was for enhanced educational and cultural opportunities.

The 5-10 guard, who has played for USA Basketball, has a bundle of scholarship offers already from schools such as Alabama, Auburn, Creighton, Jacksonville State, Missouri, New Mexico State, Saint Louis, SMU, Stephen F. Austin, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Western Kentucky.

Marshall County school officials were also at Friday’s hearing.

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