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Mark Stoops calls Mississippi State “big opportunity” for his team to get marquee home win

Quarterback Terry Wilson will be looking for running room Saturday against Mississippi State. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Give Mark Stoops credit for his honesty for not knowing what to compare the expected crowd for Saturday night’s game against Mississippi State to based on past UK experiences.

“I just hope and expect to have a great crowd. I’m sure we will. The Big Blue Nation has not disappointed us in these big opportunities,” Stoops said Monday. “The team is excited about being here and being in this environment and working extremely hard this week to give ourselves an opportunity to win.”

Stoops has registered some key wins at Kentucky — but most have been on the road. South Carolina, Florida and Louisville are three that jump out.

He knows getting a marquee win at home over a ranked opponent like Mississippi State would really energize the UK fan base.

 “I think it’s important. Again, it’s the next game. That’s why it’s most important. It’s the game we’re focusing on,” Stoops said.

“It’s a big opportunity against a ranked opponent at home. A lot of reasons why it’s a big game, and part of that is to win at home in a good environment like we’re going to have and I expect this week.”


  1. He “expects” a large crowd.. Maybe instead of talking to the press about it,he should be talking tothe AD About it. Mitch has destroyed the crowds at CWS. With the way he has treated the fan base, selling them out to go after the large donors. Not only are their vast numbers of empty seats from where the season ticket base has eroded, but the premium seats that are sold go largely unused. It has killed the atmosphere. Maybe he should tell the big boys to show up and sit in their seats.

    1. Lot’s of empty seats last Sat at CWS (Kroger). The rest of the SEC teams at home, packed out. You are right Mick. Sad what this out fit has done to the atmosphere for UK football at home. I hope the crowd is at capacity Sat against MS, a real important game for UK, we’ll see. If I was Barnhart, I would pretty near give the tickets away to get a capacity crowd in there, but it won’t happen.

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