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Mark Stoops doesn’t want Terry Wilson to “play with any fear”

Terry Wilson (Vicky Graff Photo)

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops talked a lot about his offense and passing game during Monday’s press conference coming off UK’s historic 27-16 win at Florida Saturday night.

On the turnovers with QB Terry Wilson and if he knows it’s going to happen a little bit…
Stoops: “We will continue to work on that. You never want him to play with any fear; you want him confident in making throws and things of that nature. Securing the football, fumbles is something that we cannot tolerate and won’t tolerate. We have to continue to harp on that and get better.”
Wilson wasn’t rattled by turnovers at all. Is that similar to how (former QB) Stephen Johnson’s demeanor was?
 Stoops: “Very much so, there was absolutely no worry in his eyes at halftime. He knew he made a mistake and was frustrated by it but he’s got a very calm demeanor about him, much like Stephen. He had a lot of confidence in himself that he would go out and play well during the second half. “

On the balance of the offense and the passing game… 
Stoops: “Without a doubt. I think that we have had great balance. We were more effective in the pass game and we are going to continue to work on that and continue to get better. That will help us to continue to have success is having great balance. When you are as physical as we can, and with the talent that Benny (Snell) has, and again A.J. (Rose) did a good job, we have to get him more reps, and Si (Sihiem King) brings something a little different to the table. We have to get A.J. and Sihiem involved in the run game, because A.J. is really playing at a high level as well. When you can run the ball like that it creates opportunities and we have to continue to work on that.”
On getting more big plays, especially the touchdown pass to Lynn Bowden… 
Stoops: “It was really important. You know we’ve been talking about that and stressing that and working on that. There is never one play. You never know what one play changes the game. But, that was certainly a big play and something we need to do. To hit a 54-yarder on third and 16 over the top is a big part of it. We had opportunity on an early down, a first or second down, with a clean pocket of protection giving a little vision to the quarterback. That is the one that we threw down the field and had it incomplete. But, we need to hit that as well.  We were real close on that one as well. I thought that protection and changing it up, finding ways to get a clean pocket. Receivers ran better, just running, just sprinting and playing fast is helpful and I thought those guys really played unselfish. They played really tough on the perimeter and very physical. We will continue to work on the pass game and getting opportunities.” 

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