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Quarterback Danny Clark’s father hints at upcoming transfer

Danny Clark (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Not long after Kentucky  beat Florida 27-16 last week to end a 31-year losing streak to the Gators, redshirt freshman quarterback Danny Clark posted this on Twitter:

“There isn’t a better feeling in the world #BBN”

However, that feeling apparently is shared by Clark’s father who posted a tweet today saying he was “very excited” about the new Division I transfer rules that basically make it possible for a player to transfer anywhere he or she wants with or without the approval of the school he or she is leaving. He tagged both Danny Clark and his brother, Caden, a tight end verbally committed to Alabama.

Clark was a four-star recruit and one-time Ohio State commit before deciding to play for the Cats instead of the home-state Buckeyes. He redshirted last year when Stephen Johnson started and is listed No. 3 on the depth chart behind Terry Wilson and Gunnar Hoak this season going into Saturday’s game against Murray State.

Clark’s father deleted the tweet and the UK quarterback’s last tweet is from three days ago. Danny Clark’s Twitter timeline also has no mentions of transfer thoughts and he’s always seemed team-oriented and well liked by teammates. However, quarterbacks also want to play and with Wilson and Hoak, both sophomores in front of him, his playing time going forward looks very limited.


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  1. Wouldn’t blame him at all. If he gets no more opportunity than Hoak did, he is much better off. Hoak never took a snap last year and that may have cost him a starting position this year. Also, he had two years working with Gran and Hinshaw and they still could not get him prepared to start. Doesn’t look like this coaching staff is in the market for a passing qb so Clark and Hoak would both be better off somewhere else. I would like them to stay, but I don’t see a future at UK for either one of them.

  2. I sincerely hope Danny stays for the rest of the season, if he is considering transferring. Hopefully the Cats will handle Murray State well enough so he gets a few series in the second half.

  3. In FB you are always one tackle away from being the starter. Running because you got beat out is the norm but the Alabama QB issue shows what can happen. You can have 2 winning QB’s on the same team. Not sure why a UK fan would want a quality back up to leave. I hope the rest of the backups in all the other positions don’t think like that. Having quality backups is a major part of the reason Bama is so good and if UK is ever to be reach the level expected here by some they need the same. They do not need fans encouraging quality players to transfer. It seems counter productive IMO.

  4. Hoak is the backu and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, I can see why Clark would think about transferring. He has a rifle arm, is a good player since Ohio State signed him, and he probably wants to play somewhere now. That is why he transferred to UK to start with. It sounds like his Dad is the one putting ideas in his head.

    What you say has some truth to it, but how many third string QB’s at Alabama, or Kentucky for that matter, wind up even seeing the field in their college careers? Maybe their junior or senior year if they win the QB battle or some injury happens to the starter. Wilson, if he stays healthy, has a long career ahead of him him at UK, same for Hoak. I already think Hoak is the better passer of the two, and has proven it on the field in two games. I think Wilson is the better athlete than either Hoak or Clark. Plus UK has a talented QB ready to sign in Feb. That factors in.

    I hope he stays, we’ll see. Reese Phillips several years back as you recall got tired of waiting for his turn and transferred. It happens.

  5. I just remember that Ohio State won their last National Championship with a third string QB and the world saw last year what “back up ” did for Bama in the Championship game last year. We need great players willing to stay, fight and be the next man up in order for UK FB to reach the level expected here. We have a great O line because of depth and guys staying. But hey I also believe in player’s right to do what’s best for themselves. So if he goes I wish him the best.

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