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SEC Network’s Tom Hart loved spending time with UK fans in Bahamas


Spending a week in the Bahamas with coach John Calipari and his Kentucky players was an enjoyable experience for SEC Network play-by-play announcer Tom Hart. But spending time with Kentucky fans was even more fun for him.

“I ran into all kinds of UK fans from the CEO of a million dollar business to a Kentucky fan who had Super Bowl rings to just the average run of the mill fans, and I really appreciate those fans,” Hart said.

He grew up a Missouri fan and still remembers his father taking him and his brother to a NCAA Tournament to watch Missouri play.

“We didn’t have the money for anything extravagant, but I thought it was one of the coolest things ever to see my team play an away game, especially in the NCAA Tournament,” Hart said. “Maybe that’s why I enjoyed being around the Kentucky fans, and there were so many of them there. I got to meet them, take pictures with them. It was really a fun trip.

“I think all of the Kentucky fans are going to have a team they are really going to be proud of this hoops season. Those guys have a chance to be phenomenal and that made being in the Bahamas with them and the fans even more fun.”

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