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Snell of a game as Benny more than backs up his talk in 28-7 win over Mississippi State

Benny Snell (26) scored four touchdowns Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Benny Snell showed once again that not only can he talk the talk, but he can walk the walk.

Snell said forget the 18 yards rushing that Mississippi State limited him to last year. He said he could run on any team this year because he believed in his offensive line.

Guess what? He was right.

He ran for 165 yards and four touchdowns Saturday night as Kentucky thumped No. 14 Mississippi State 28-7. That’s the same Mississippi State team that returned 17 starters off a team that beat UK 45-7 last year.

But Snell had 55 yards in the first quarter and then just wore the Bulldogs down in the second half as UK went from being down 7-0 to running away from the Bulldogs.

“I could tell they were tired. The defensive line was tired. The safeties weren’t coming up. We wore them out,” Snell said.

He was involved in a bit of pregame chatter at midfield with several State players and often during the game there was talk — Mississippi State was penalized four times for unsportsmanlike conduct.

“It was talk the whole game. It was real dirty talk but we are here to play football, not talk,” Snell, who had a 36-yard touchdown run to push UK’s lead to 21-7.
Snell’s four touchdowns give him 39 at Kentucky and moved him ahead of Randall Cobb as the all-time leader in touchdowns scored at UK.

“He’s Benny. … He’s a dominant player,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said.

Kentucky is now 2-0 in SEC play for the first time since 1977 when UK finished 10-1. Not only does UK have the dominant win over State but its earlier win over then No. 25 Florida looks a lot more impressive after the Gators won 47-21 at Tennessee Saturday night.


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  1. Maybe the Stoop bashing will stop now. Those who predicted 4 wins for the season got their wish. But there are quite a few more to play.

    I said it before. Stoops has made the team better every year and this year is no exception. They are clearly a top level team now. I don’t know what more people could want at Kentucky. It takes a while to build a program but people were ready to show him the door. That was really, really a bad idea.

    The example I cited was Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati but it didn’t take Stoops nearly as long to produce. I hope to heck people see that now finally.

  2. OMG…..wasn’t sure I would ever have this feeling in my remaining years. Congrats to Stoops and the whole team! What a total team win on both sides of the ball. Unfortunately, we did not get a lot of help or creativity from Gran. The game was won by Snell and MSU’s lack of discipline with all the penalties. It is so nice to be able to finally see a Stoops’s team that can tackle and play great D. We are going to need to be able to go downfield with a passing game so the other team can respect our balance. Gran is still too stupid to recognize the weapons that he has in Conrad, Bouvier, and Bowden just to name a few.

    1. Conrad was used Mike. He blocks with the best of them, and had a great down field reception that set UK up deep in MS territory. Can’t fault Gran at all on this one. Also, Matt House ‘s defense came to play. To me that was a major part of this historic win. A total team effort.

      Snell was a one man wrecking crew, thanks to the UK Oline. This team has many similarities to the 77 team. No complaints from me at all. Mississippi State coming to our house to beat us? I don’t think so. Coach Stoops and staff did a great job preparing this football team. If this bunch of experts don’t rank UK in the top 25 now, they are blind.

      Stoops and his staff’s recruiting has changed football at UK. It is paying off big time. Got to give credit when credit is due. Last night UK was the better team, and CWS was a rocking bunch of loud UK fans that did their job in supporting a very good UK football team in a rain storm. I loved every minute of it. Keep it going CATS!!!

  3. I don’t believe CJ has averaged 2 catches per game all year. Yes, he is much more than just a good blocker. Bouvier and Bowen have shown what they can do with the ball in their hands. We played almost a perfect game for us, and I haven’t seen that in a very long time. If we are going to continue to build on this, we are going to need more than a running attack. The O line continues to give pretty good pass protection, and we have good receivers, but we need to have an improved vertical attack. The defense was also locked in and played “lights out”. Gran has got to show more creativity, trickery and less predictability. Hopefully, we will be in Top 25 within 24 hours Congrats to Stoops, staff, and Team for giving us a performance we will never forget.

    1. As long as Snell and the Oline keep running over people with first down yardage time and time again, moving the chains, KEEP POUNDING THEM!!! Especially against a SEC defense like Mississippi State has. UK completed some key passes last night too in their drives. Just enough to keep MS honest. Wilson is growing. He will be a real good QB before this season is over, barring injury. I now see why he is the starter too. He is a very good athlete, and is only going to get better.

      If this offense ever starts clicking on all eight, (running and passing) and Stoops quits taking it easy on teams, look out. UK could easily have scored another TD against MS on the last Hoak led drive to the goal line, but Stoops calls victory formation. Not many teams or coaches in this league would have given any such mercy to Kentucky, and never have. They would have run another score up on UK. It is one thing to line up and throw it, but make them stop the run. Stoops don’t have long memories like some of us old heads. How many can remember scores like 45-7, 65-3, etc. Let Rose run one in there, he earned it. He took them down there.

  4. wow. Even after a historic start to the season some can still find fault. It’s like some want us to fail so they can say I told you so. We are more than just a running game on offense. We are a running game with the best O line most of us can remember. We have a QB the is completing 65% of his throws and has lots and lots of room to grow. We are a hard nosed defense. In short we are a SEC TEAM. We have good players on every side of the field. We just beat a team with 17 returning starters from the one that stomped us by 38 last year and some still find room to complain. Wow. It’s just very very sad to see. Not expecting perfection from the team but heart and fight. Some of this stuff is just sad. IMO

  5. Yes, the win was great and UK played a great game against a good team, but to declare them as having arrived as an SEC team is still too early in the year. There are a lot of games to play and a lot of things to improve on. One or two big wins don’t make a season for a contender. You have to keep bringing it every week. . . That is what this team has to prove now; they can bring it every week and continue to show improvement with each game.

    Terry Wilson is a decent qb, but he is no where near where he needs to be. In his 2 SEC games, he is 19 out of 30 for 63% with 222 passing yards and 2 Interceptions. Those are not good numbers for a contending team in the SEC. If they were, Hurts would still be the qb at Alabama. Saban found out last year against Georgia, to beat a good defensive team that can complete passes, if you can’t stop them with your defense, you had better be able to pass the ball also. Wilson’s inability to pass with accuracy and regularity is costing UK the services of several good receivers and tight ends. With UK, if you slow down the run, they will fall. This is their biggest need of improvement. Right now, Wilson is a great athlete playing qb.

    Too many people just want to look at the good and close their eyes to where improvement needs to be made. Ask Nick Saban how many times he is satisfied after a game. Bet he tells you only after the games where he won the title.

    1. Come on OF, UK proved something last night to many. Wilson’ is a young QB. That will only get better. Give the kid a break. There is a time to complain, but it surely ain’t now. Not after the game UK played last night as a nine point under dog, against a team nobody gave them a chance against.

      As for Saban, somebody needs to give him a quarter and tell him to go buy himself a personality. His 5* athletes make him look great. Just like Stoops’ athletes made him look great last night as well. Keep recruiting Coach. You are changing the face of UK football in 2018.

  6. A lot of games to play and a lot of things to improve on. Eyes wide open. And UK would be happy with the season Hurt had lad year.

  7. Gran has got to open it up and use more of his full compliment of assets. We all love TW and the talents he gives us, but if he is unable to increase his accuracy and go downfield more then maybe we need to give Hoak some reps. We really don’t know what TW can or cannot due downfield because Gran reluctant to open it up and has been that way since coming.

  8. Come on people give credit we’re it’s due our CATS deserve it. This complaining and negativity

    1. The top 25 CATS have EARNED it

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