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Sonny Collins not keeping up with Benny Snell’s pursuit of his all-time rushing record

Benny Snell (Vicky Graff Photo)


Benny Snell will be chasing Sonny Collins’ rushing record at Kentucky all season. Collins rushed for 3,835 yards and 26 touchdowns before becoming a second-round draft pick of the Atlanta Falcons in the 1976 draft. He was a three-time all-SEC pick and SEC Player of the Year in 1973.

He now lives in Georgia and is retired from Delta Airlines.

However, what he’s not doing now is tracking how Snell is doing in pursuit of becoming UK’s all-time leading rusher. After Saturday’s game against Murray State when he ran for 75 yards, Snell has 2,799 yards with nine more regular season games this year and hopefully a bowl game. He needs 1,037  yards — or 113 per game in the regular season — to break the record. He’s averaging 125 yards per game going into Saturday’s game against Mississippi State.

“I personally do not keep up with the UK football program,” Collins said. “UK basketball, I do keep up. I know that’s very strange but I enjoy basketball and I always have.

“Once I retired from football, I did so mentally as well. I ride motorcycles. I don’t even tell my grandkids that I played football. I was just done when I finished playing football, so I just don’t keep up with UK football or any football that much.”


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  1. All I can say is, wow! If he don’t care anymore about UK football than that, I hope Snell breaks his record for sure. Lots of UK football fans from that era will be hurt by his comment IMO. He was a great UK player, but he lost me on that comment.

  2. I have read where a lot players do that. When they walk away, they completely “walk away.”

  3. WOW. Sonny Collins is the reason I am a UK fan. I started watching UK football before UK basketball. I am shocked he feels that way but it is his choice. Thanks Sonny for making me a part of the best fan base in the world, Go Cats

  4. Not sure I believe that a lot of players actually don’t ever look back or follow their school sport once they depart unless they contributed next to nothing while they were there. I do not believe that Sonny truth telling especially since he knows he has set a record.

  5. Saturdays were Sonny Days. That Veer offense was made for Collins.

  6. well, I guess with no more invites from Anita for her parties I would feel the same way…

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