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South Carolina freshman gets lucky, sorority rush for her ends early enough that she can go to UK football game

Hannah Teague with her horse, Hope, wearing her UK hat after she found out she had been admitted to UK.


University of Kentucky freshman Hannah Teague of South Carolina gets to go to today’s Kentucky-Central Michigan football game after all.

She was one of those caught in the scheduling conflict with sorority rush being the same time as UK’s opening football game this year and didn’t think she would get to see the game — like others involved in rush.

However, she will be at Kroger Field today. It’s not because UK made a scheduling change. She just got lucky with her schedule.

“I was shocked that I get to go,” said Teague. “I get done with all of my sorority events at 11:30 a.m. today, so they said I could go to the game.

“Apparently it is unusual for that to happen, though, because most girls have their events later in the day. I’m just glad I get to go.”

Teague told me earlier in the week she couldn’t wait to see her first football game at Kroger Field. She had bought a student season ticket when she got to UK and planned to be at Saturday’s game against Central Michigan before she found our sorority rush had been moved to the same weekend this year.

“Coming here I was so excited to get football and basketball tickets,” she said Tuesday. “I had no idea there would be a major scheduling conflict with the first football game. I am really, really disappointed. I was so excited. Growing up I have always seen the UK games on TV. It was going to be so much fun to experience my first game in the stadium.

“I came to UK to experience the hype and see the games in person, especially the first game of the season. Watching on TV is what I’ve always done. I just don’t get it. I just wanted to enjoy going to a game and also going through rush. I never anticipated you wouldn’t be able to do both. It’s just disappointing.”

But now she does get to go to the game and for her at least, that’s really good news even if most going through rush won’t be as lucky.

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