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What about Marco Shemwell Park at Kroger Field to honor his memory and give kids a play area?

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So many of you have reached out with comments in various ways after my recent story about the death of 4-year-old Marco Shemwell after he was hit by a car leaving Kroger Field when Kentucky played Murray State. contributing writer Keith Peel had a suggestion I wanted to share. Not only did I really like it, but I think you will and it seems to me that is a terrific way to remember Marco Shemwell.

“Wouldn’t it be great if UK took a small area outside of Kroger Field that they could develop into a children’s play area or park with swings and things to climb on that kids could use before and after the football games and name it Marco Shemwell Park,” Peel said.

” I’m sure fans would donate, and most likely Kroger and probably other corporate sponsors would also. It could be something to help the family and others remember Marco by for years to come. Just a thought but if (athletics director) Mitch Barnhart got his staff behind it they could make it happen.”

I think Peel is right. Maybe someone at UK already has such a plan — or something similar — in process. If not, I truly think UK fans would totally support this.

Another reader, Jim Wise, made another suggestion.

This will never happen, but wouldn’t it be a nice if fans would voluntarily abstain from drinking at football games for the remainder of the season to bring attention to the dangers of drinking and driving,” Wise said. “Again, I don’t see it happening, but UK fans have been presented with an incredible opportunity that will probably be squandered.
“Sad to think that after last weekend, things will be back to business-as-usual for everyone except the families and close friends of those directly affected.”
I think the pregame tailgate experience will be a bit more somber for Saturday night’s game against Mississippi State — and that’s no reflection on the importance of the game.
Finally, I think this note from Mae Renner speaks for most of us.
“I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child or grandchild,” Renner said. “But I also feel the pain fit the young man driving the car. His life is changed forever. One thing I drilled into both my boys while in school, if you drink and drive and seriously injure or kill someone, you can’t take it back and you have to live with it forever.”
Indeed he will.



  1. A truly great idea. Love it.

    1. Just do it!! That little boy deserves to be remembered.

  2. Yes sir great idea!

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