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Why didn’t Stoops recognize what David Bouvier could do sooner?

David Bouvier (Vicky Graff Photo)


His first four years at Kentucky, recevier David Bouvier played in six games — and had just one catch. The former walk-on was a seldom used player but this season he’s blossomed not only into a starter, but a key player for UK.

He had touchdown catches against both Central Michigan and Florida. After three games, he has five catches for 91 yards and is also the team’s starting punt returner. He could be a pivotal player for Kentucky tonight against Mississippi State with the ability he’s shown to make big plays.

So why didn’t Stoops notice and/or use Bouvier before, especially with the way Charles Walker, another former walk-on, performed at both receiver and returner?

“Chuck (Walker) was a tough guy to replace, reliable and just tough and you have to have a craft to play that inside position. David, we did recognize him before, but the opportunity to play… as I mentioned before, the ability to spread people out and play with three or four wide receivers comes from just being better across the board at throwing the football with protecting and throwing and creating plays,” Stoops said.

“So with that you get more opportunities, same with getting C.J. (Conrad) the ball and Lynn (Bowden) and David and others.”


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  1. Not sure I understand Stoop’s answer here. Walker was a great player, so is Bouvier, and he has proven it in 2018. That said, I have never thought that Gran and Stoops have used their depth as much as they could have. They don’t seem to trust their players IMO. Good coaches get their best athletes on the field, and it should not have taken this long to get “Boo” playing time. Did he shine in practice or was he ignored? I don’t know. If a player is practicing well, proving himself, get him some game reps. That don’t mean you abandon Walker either. Some players really are game time players too. In “Boo’s” case, what a waste of those early years, at a time when UK really needed a go to receiver. I just don’t see how all that talent he has went unnoticed for so long with coaches at this level. Also remember this, Bouvier had a stellar HS career too.

  2. He got just as much of a chance last year as Hoak did. That’s all that needs to be said to prove that Stoops and Gran do not have confidence in many of their players.

    1. That lack of confidence thing. Is that why they’re 4-0 right now ?
      Do you realize how stupid you sound right now?

  3. The plain fact is that walk on players get ignored all the time. Joe Hall asked my brother to walk on. My brother asked if there was a chance he could actually play and Joe said absolutely not even if you’re better than the players on the team. He recruited those players which meant he made a commitment to them. I was going to be a walk on myself knowing the chances of it leading to anything except getting to practice with the team were practically nonexistent.

    It takes a lot for any walk on to get noticed. They have to prove themselves many times in practice before they get any shot at all.

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