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WLEX-TV anchor Nancy Cox can’t wait to read about Billy Gillispie chase in Alan Cutler’s upcoming book


WLEX-TV news anchor Nancy Cox still remembers the time former LEX18 sports anchor Alan Cutler literally ran down the hallway in Memorial Coliseum trying to get a comment from Billy Gillispie after he was fired as Kentucky’s coach.

“Billy, you are not really going to run away from me are you,” Cutler asked the coach after he had been fired as the two jogged down the hallway.

Gillispie was pretending to be talking on his cell phone to avoid Cutler and WHAS-TV reporter Mark Herbert. Cutler was having none of it.

“I can run all day with you. Your reaction Billy (to the firing)? Cutler said to the coach.

They finally got to Gillispie’s office where the former UK coach told an office worker, “Get him out,” referring to Cutler.

Cutler says that story will be part of his upcoming box.

“ I can’t wait to read it. I just wonder what all will be in there,” Cox said. “When he gets on a tear, he can be fascinating like that day with Gillispie.

“I never expected all the negative blowback, or even the amount of positive reaction, from that. I knew it was great video and we showed it on the news, not the sports. Cutler was panting and trying to avoid a heart attack from running.”

Cox noted how that one story became the symbol of Cutler’s career that started at WLEX in 1981 and ended with his retirement in May.

“Remember at (John) Calipari’s first press conference when he asked Alan, ‘Are you going to chase me?’ Then Cal gave him a pair of tennis shoes for his retirement,” Cox said. “But Alan was always willing to go the extra mile to get a story for our viewers. He went after it and got a story and had his own unique style of doing that.”

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  1. Gut Gillispie some slack. He paid the price, and is long gone. Time to move on. This is just rubbing salt in the wounds of a very unstable man. Sad

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