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Analyst says EJ Montgomery “could be as talented” as any player John Calipari has had

E.J. Montgomery at Big Blue Madness Friday. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Every time ESPN national recruiting director Paul Biancardi saw EJ Montgomery last year, he just seemed to get better.

“EJ has ridiculous length, wingspan and athleticism,” said Biancardi. “If he applies all that and gets the right defensive mindset to where he can play on and off the ball, he could be great this year. Some things can be hard for a freshman to learn and defense is hard.”

The Kentucky freshman was a late addition to UK’s 2018 recruiting haul but Biancardi thinks he could be special this season.

“If guys don’t jump off the chart, sometimes it is a surprise when they play great,” Biancardi said. “He got ranked high at a young age because he was taller and more skilled than kids his age. Then he leveled off because he was playing with older guys and he struggled. Playing up has benefits but can also have challenges.

“He went from top 10 (in his recruiting class) to top 30, which is still elite. He kind of does things in a spoon-fed fashion. He will feed you a little of what he can do. But once it all comes together at the same time, he could be as talented and skilled a player as John Calipari has had.”

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