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Ashton Hagans having to learn to talk on defense

John Calipari wants Ashton Hagans to talk more on defense. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Freshman point guard Ashton Hagans doesn’t worry about whether Kentucky is playing an exhibition or going against Duke like it will next week.

“Go out there with the same mindset of play my game. Go out there and play, leave everything on the court and just play with my teammates,” Hagains said.

Hagans has appreciated what strength coach Rob Harris has done for him the last few months since he arrived in Lexington for his freshman season.

“He’s an uplifting guy. He’s bringing energy when we’re in there lifting weights. He’s got the music going, pushing us each and every day. When I first got here, I wasn’t as built as I am now,” Hagans said. “We’re just working each and every day to get better.”

Hagans has had habits to break, including always keeping his attitude in check where he’s not “talking” so much in the wrong kind of way. He’s had to learn to talk on defense.

“Now, it’s like you have to talk or you’re not going to be on the court,” Hagans said. 

“He just wants us to build up talking on defense so if somebody is out of place, we can get them back into the place. He just wants us to go out there, talk to each other.

“Making sure you’re not just stuck on your man. Helping everybody on defense, making sure everyone is in the right spots.”

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