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Calipari: Yes to Pitino podcast, no to Pitino speaking to Cats


Former Louisville coach Rick Pitino has shown up to speak to several college basketball teams across the country after his offseason firing at Louisville because of off-court problems the Carinals had with the NCAA.

Pitino, of course, is also the former head coach at Kentucky who won the 1996 national title and was NCAA runner-up in 1997.

Pitino is also doing a podcast. At media day, Kentucky coach John Calipari was asked if would be a guest on one of Pitino’s podcasts if asked.

“I’m not a scheduled guest. I’ve talked to him once. I may have talked to him twice, but I’ve texted him occasionally,” Calipari said. “But if he asked me I would probably do it because he did my podcast, so yeah, I would.”

What about inviting Pitino to speak to his team, a move that likely would infuriate most UK fans?

“Probably wouldn’t have him come talk to the team based on it would be the — it would put North Korea on the back burner,” Calipari said. “Let me just say that.

“You can tell I didn’t sleep last night (because of a west coast recruiting trip). Can you tell?”

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