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Could Kash Daniel and Chris Oats play together?

Kash Daniel (Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics)


With Kash Daniel suspended for the first half of Kentucky’s game at Texas A&M after being ejected for a targeting call the previous game, it gave true freshman linebacker Chris Oates a chance to start.

Oates took advantage of the opportunity and played well before Daniel returned in the second half.

Now what does coach Mark Stoops do? Does he play them both? Does Oates continue just as a backup and play sparingly? Could they play together?

Stoops said Monday he could see situations where they could play together but would not commit to that.

“Well see how it goes. Jordan (Jones) is really playing well and staying healthy, which is really nice to see with Jordan for the most part, so we’ll see,” Stoops said. “But we can rotate them as well because Kash is one of those guys. Kash plays physical and he gets banged up as well and Chris is really doing some good things.”

Another true freshman linebacker, DeAndre Square, has played even more than Oates and has also played well.

“You always see DeAndre in there as well to spell Jordan and get some reps. I think it’s just important for the development of your team as well when a guy’s playing good,” Stoops said. “There’s been times you’ve been so afraid to rotate guys because there’s such a significant drop.

“You’re not seeing that as much and I’m constantly, obviously, you’re here to win every game and worry about this week, but you’re also worried about the development of your team and where you’re going next year.”

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