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Does Kentucky’s offense have what Wandale Robinson is looking for?

Wandale Robinson has UK in his final six schools but will the UK offense really suit his skills.


In less than two weeks Western Hills star Wandale Robinson is going to make his college choice.

He’s a speedster with explosive playmaking skills. He’s strong and elusive. He has great balance. He doesn’t shy away from contact because he’s a lot stronger than most believe.

He plays running back, receiver, quarterback, safety and kick returner. He leads the state in scoring.

Robinson has narrowed his college choice to six schools — Alabama, Ohio State, Nebraska, Purdue, Michigan and Kentucky.

I’ve seen him play three times this year and interviewed him, his father, his coach and others who know or who have played or coached against him. None have told me anything about what school he might pick.

He was originally planning to go to see Ohio State at Purdue Saturday night when the Boilermakers upset the No. 2 Buckeyes 49-20. However, he decided not to go. His father, Dale, said he just wanted his son to have a weekend off and also didn’t want everyone speculation on what a trip to Purdue so close to his Nov. 1 announcement might mean.

I don’t think Robinson is going to pick Michigan. I could understand the allure of either Alabama or Ohio State. Nebraska seems awfully far from Frankfort but he seems to have made an early connection with the coaching staff there.

Purdue and coach Jeff Brohm run an offense that would fit Robinson’s skill set perfect. Star freshman Rondale Moore  of Louisville Trinity had 12 catches for 170 yards and two touchdowns Saturday night. Moore and Robinson are friends. The one fear might be that coach Jeff Brohm, a former Louisville quarterback and head coach at Western Kentucky, might not be there long.

What about Kentucky? He could pick the Cats but it’s going to surprise me if he does. It’s not from a lack of recruiting attention or telling him he could be the playmaker the UK passing game needs. But Saturday the Cats completed three passes for 18 yards. Compare that to Moore catching 12 passes for 170 yards.

Kentucky’s offense is not designed to produce that kind of number for any receiver and likely won’t be under coach Mark Stoops, a coach who has had success built on a strong running attack and reliable defense. It’s working for Stoops, but getting Robinson to accept that could be a hard sell.

Again, it’s all speculation on my part but I know Robinson not only would like to play early, but he also is looking hard at which school has the offense best suited for him and it seems a stretch to think that is going to be the one at Kentucky.


  1. Gran has been exposed again. Is there anyone left that is really in Gran’s camp? I would love to see a poll that surveyed current offensive players.

  2. If he wants to play running back – possibly.
    If he wants to play receiver – absolutely no way it could be UK. UK would be last on the list.
    If he can hand the ball off, he can come fight for the starting qb job because passing the ball doesn’t seem to be a requirement. Just sit back and let the defense take care of it.
    Purdue would not surprise me. Great coach that understands the offense must be balanced. Willing to allow the players to show why they are on the team.
    Why come to UK and be another Bowden, Baker, Conrad, Hughes, Epps, Ali, Richardson, etc? Coaches rave about your abilities during the week and slam the door in face on game day because they can’t pick a qb that can distribute the ball to more than one player.

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