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Guest post: “I really miss the interaction with the players” at Women’s Clinic

Sheena Wethington with Ashton Hagans and Immanuel Quickley.

Vaught’s note: This is third in a series about stories from Sunday’s John Calipari Women’s Clinic. Sheena Wethington has contributed her thoughts on the clinic for the last four years and once again shares what she thought about this year’s event.

By SHEENA WETHINGTON, Contributing Writer

This was my seventh year attending the John Calipari Women’s Clinic.  In those seven years, I have been able to compare the pros and cons of each year.  Out of the seven years, this year’s clinic was probably my least favorite. Not saying that I didn’t have fun, it just was not as interactive as in years past.  I really miss the interaction with the players!  

The first few years I attended the clinic, I was able to do warm-ups and drills with the players.  The past few year this has been non-existent. Talking with other attendees this was one of their favorite pieces of past clinics and they miss this aspect.  If I was to offer up one suggestion for future years is to bring back the interaction with the players. Currently the only interaction we get now is seeing them practice and getting a team picture with them.  There are no more opportunities for pictures or talking with the players.

Highlights from this year’s clinic was having special guests, Holly Rowe and Maria Taylor.  I have always aspired to become a sports sideline reporter. I loved hearing from them how they got their start in the business and what a week in their life is like.  The personalities these two women have is infectious.

I also loved the question and answer session with the assistant coaches.  These men are hilarious and entertaining. It was nice to hear about the inside workings of Kentucky Basketball through in-home visits to how you prepare the players for big games, like Duke!

Strength coach Rob Harris put Sheena Wethington through a drill Sunday.

I can never leave off Rob Harris, strengthening coach.  He is usually the highlight of the clinic for me. Maybe because I am willing to participate.  Even though I am horrible at doing wall sits. It is nice to get a hands-on approach to what the players go through in practice daily.  

Could we possibly see Coach Calipari do a crowd surf? In the closing remarks of the clinic Coach Cal said that if we brought home #9, he would crowd surf after the game.  I have this in writing, so on April 8, 2019 I except this to happen! He also mentioned not only going for #9 but going for #12! I love his high expectations!

Next year’s clinic will return to Rupp arena.  Hope to see everyone there next year!


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