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Mark Stoops not rethinking plan with placekickers because he has confidence in both of them

Miles Butler (Vicky Graff Photo)


Before Miles Butler attempted a field goal this year, the second guessing had starting about when true freshman Chance Poore of Alabama would be used for longer field goals that might be out of Butler’s range.

Coach Mark Stoops obviously wants to redshirt Butler, a unique talent. However, this year for the first time a player can play in four games and still redshirt.

Butler has missed two 43-yard field goals and twice Stoops didn’t go for field goals of 45 or more yards. But Stoops was not about to second guess Butler.

Here’s what he said Monday when asked if he had been rethinking his plans with Poore after Butler’s miss against South Carolina with UK leading 24-3 in a game it won 24-10.

“Well, I haven’t been rethinking it, but the plan is you still have four games right now, so that’s the nice thing. We’ll see if those opportunities pop up. But Miles, we have a lot of confidence in Miles, he’s going to do a good job but we still have that opportunity on some longer field goals to use Chance, yes,” Stoops said.

Perfect answer. Nothing to hurt Butler’s confidence or status yet expressing confidence in his true freshman.

Still, wouldn’t it be hard to wait until a potential 48-yard or longer field goal was needed to maybe win or tie a game and send Poore out there for his first kick then.

 “I’m just trying to pocket those four games right now. We put a lot of pressure on him in practice and he works all the time,” Stoops said. “We expect him to step in and hit that 55-yarder for a game winner. No problem. That’s why we recruited him.”

No problem? Sounds like a coach with a 5-0 start who is feeling a big swaggy and likes his team — and both placekickers.

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