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Mark Stoops says crowd surfing after Missouri win was “totally spontaneous”

Mark Stoops after the Missouri win. (Twitter Photo)


If you thought the chances of Kentucky being 7-1 and playing Georgia for the SEC East championship were slim to none when the season started, then what would you have rated the odds of coach Mark Stoops crowd surfing in the locker room?

Yet not only is UK 7-1 and playing Georgia Saturday to determine the SEC East champ, but Stoops did indeed get so excited after the 15-14 win at Missouri that he did crowd sruf.

“That was totally spontaneous. You know, they generally don’t get overly excited in there but just the way we pulled that out and the guys were just having fun and in was just in the moment,” Stoops explained Monday. “We had a lot of fun. Did you see how much confidence I had that they were going to catch me?”

Did he get hurt getting passed around by his players?

“I’m always a little banged up – I feel like I play — after games. I’m always sore, I really do, I feel like I play. The players always laugh at me, I always see them in the training room on Sunday, we’re all in there getting worked on.,” Stoops joked.

He did accidentally punch a hole in a ceiling tile when he raised his fist as he was celebrating while crowd surfing.

“Yeah, I forgot to send that email and my check this morning (to Missouri to apologize and pay for the damage),” Stoops said. “I was up a little higher than I thought .”

Just like Kentucky — which is now up to No. 11 in the Associated Press rankings.

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  1. I will take it , 11th ranked, I mean. I just think UK should be in the top 10. Florida went in against UGA ranked 9th, and UK beat them soundly at the swamp. But hey, I could care less, just go take care of Georgia CATS!!!

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