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Matthew Mitchell ready for his “worst day of the year” again


If you believe Matthew Mitchell, then today is his worst day of the year.

The Kentucky women’s basketball coach — as he always does — will be dancing at Big Blue Madness tonight. In previous years he’s danced by himself, with his players and with UK dance team members.

Yet he insists he doesn’t enjoy it even though he keeps performing every year and seeming to love every minute of his performance.

“The moment it is over I start dreading 364 more days until it is time for my worst day of the year again,” Mitchell said during an interview on WPBK-FM Thursday. “Very few people embarrass themselves annually in front of 24,000 people.”

He says his two youngest daughters, age 7 and 5, are now old enough they “can be embarrassed” by his performance, too.

“It will be something (that he does). Not going to be very good,” he said. “One of the things I can’t believe is the way this has caught on but people seem to enjoy it and have fun. It is such a celebratory night for Kentucky basketball and people are so passionate about the game in Kentucky.

“People look forward to the season getting underway. It’s a great celebration and I want to help make it a fun night. I just don’t know that me out there dancing really makes it fun for anybody.”

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