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Missouri coach on UK: “They’re as good of a defense as we’ve seen.”

A.J. Rose (Wade Upchurch Photo)


If you listen to Missouri coach Barry Odom, it’s hard to figure out how his team is a 7-point favorite over Kentucky in Saturday’s Southeastern Conference game.

“We’ve got a great Kentucky team coming in on Saturday. They’re 6-1 for a reason. They run the ball extremely well, they play great defense, and they’re very well coached,” Odom, who is friends with Kentucky coach Mark Stoops, said.

“Mark has done a good of job as anybody could do with the time he’s been given to build that program. He’s got his stamp all over it. He’s got a team that’s playing as good of football as anybody in the country.”

Kentucky is ranked 12th and has not allowed over 20 points in any game this season. It also has one of the nation’s best running backs in Benny Snell. Kentucky’s rushing offense  ranks third in the conference and No. 22 in the country.

“I think each week you go into the things that the other team does really well and with Kentucky, obviously both of their tailbacks find ways to attack you,” Odom said.  “Every week there’s a different tweak in what they do to have success.

“Benny  is as good as there is in the country. He’s a strong, powerful guy that when it looks like there’s not anything there and you turn around and he’s broken off a way to get 20 yards.”

Kentucky’s defense ranks second in the SEC and 13th in the country. The Cats rank second nationally in points allowed per game with 12.6.

“Just looking down statistically, rushing defense in our league they’re second, total defense they’re second and scoring defense they’re No. 1. They do a great job on being aggressive and almost suffocating in coverage,” Odom said.

“They’re an older group and it looks like they’ve played together and it shows up in the way that they play. They’re as good of a defense as we’ve seen.”


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  1. Wow. I hope UK don’t get the big head after all that coach talk. Missouri will be hungry, and they can score points from all over the field if UK don’t come to play. UK better come ready too bring some thunder on both sides of the ball. Missouri wants to stop UK cold, so bring it Cats. Prove these experts who made the 12th ranked Wildcats the underdog look silly once again. Put Lock on the ground all day long.

  2. Just read on another site that an NFL scout has said our playing has been “terrible” the last couple of games. Welcome to the club sir!

    1. Six (6) and one (1) genius

      Tied for first (1st) in the SEC East

      Bowl eligible

  3. 6 and 1 doesn’t win the next game nor the SEC East.
    UK has to find more ways to move the chains than just relying on Snell. What if Snell gets hurt in the game? I hope he doesn’t, but right now he is all we have on offense. What we run into another stupid ref that throws him out of the game? Winners of the SEC have multiple ways to beat you and UK has to improve the passing game. 150-200 yards passing is all it will take because of our run game and our defense. Less than 100 yards passing won’t usually beat the best teams in any conference, much less the SEC.

    1. You are right OF, I hope Wilson lights it up today because he will start, we can count on that, but I also hope if he doesn’t light it up we see Hoak. If UK can throw the football some, it will help the running game, and give Snell a break, and time to catch his breath, maybe rest the defense a little too. On another note, nobody is really giving 6-1 UK their due, not really. The real chatter, if you listen closely, is either Florida or Georgia wins the East. UK is an after thought by all the talking heads. I want Georgia to beat Florida today. I don’t want a stirred up Georgia team coming into Kroger field after a loss to their arch rival. UK has already beaten Florida. UK must first take care of Missouri. If UK can win out, they go to Atlanta.

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