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Mother says Benny Snell has not “lost vision” of what still lies ahead for Kentucky

Benny Snell with his mother, April. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Many Kentucky fans still believe if Benny Snell had got more than 13 rushing attempts — or been given a chance to get the first down and third-and-two — in the overtime loss at Texas A&M that UK would have won the game.

His mother, April Snell, said she was “very confident” in her son on short runs and also believes he would have got the first down.

“But that’s out of my control and out of his,” said April Snell. “You have got to do what is called. All we can do is learn and move on. Take that aggression and put it on the field this weekend. I still think we are a better team than Texas A&M, but that loss just feeds us to go get the record of 11-1 still hope for and believe in.”

April Snell says after a bye week, her son is “anxious” to play against Vanderbilt Saturday night and get UK back to its winning ways.

“He hasn’t lost vision. For the bye, he didn’t even come home. He stayed in Lexington,” April Snell said. “Most of the time when we called he was working out. He hasn’t taken a day off. We rested but he hasn’t rested. He is coming back with fire and you will see that at the game.

“He has the usual running back bruising, soreness but no injuries. That comes from taking care of his body and preparing for this year. He is built for this position. He knows how to recover from bruises.

“He just loves football. His passion for the sport always helps bring him back about 100 percent on the field. He is thinking wins on the field and nothing else. Kentucky has lots of weapons and I am so happy all the players have stepped up and showed up. This is about more than Benny. We just have a really good team.”


  1. This is what separates this site from others.
    Larry has interviewed many people close to the people within our program.
    That insight gained from those close to our athletes tells you a lot about our players.
    Keep up the great work Larry!

    1. Thank you John. I try. I figure there are plenty of places that cover the normal nuts/bolts of UK sports on a daily basis. I try to find different things to share with you

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