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Reid Travis had the first of many double-doubles to come against Transylvania

Reid Travis (Vicky Graff Photo)


No surprise that Reid Travis had a double-double — 12 points, 10 rebounds — in Friday’s exhibition win over Transylvania. My guess is that it will be the first of many, many double-doubles the Stanford transfer has for Kentucky this year and why he’s such a perfect fit for the team coach John Calipari has assembled this year.

“It was good. Just to get out there and play a different team. We’ve been going at each other for a long time especially when you talk about the practices from the summer and preseason. So, it’s nice to go up against somebody else and really compete,” Travis said after the game.

“Obviously, we have a lot of things to work on defensively and with our condition, but that’s expected the first game when you come out. I think it’s going to be really good for us to go look at the film and really just work on some of those things in practice the next couple of days and get ready for the next game.”

Travis can break a game down as well as anyone — including coach John Calipari. He’s just not quite as long winded as Calipari might be.

“The good is that our intentions were there as far as working hard, the effort and the energy. We really wanted to do the right things and just some things we need to work on… it’s expected early in the season,” Travis said. “As far as cleaning up – some turnovers, rotations on defense, guarding the ball — those are going to come as we start to work on those things some more.”

He said “bringing energy and hitting the boards hard” are big things for him and what he should be expected to do.

“Points and touches are going to come. We have a very talented team and some nights you just must play your role as far as when the balls going to come to you. Rebounds, defense and energy are things I can bring every night,” Travis said.

Calipari said that Travis did “good stuff” for Kentucky.

“He rebounded the ball. He had a double-double. You know, if we could have that out of him every game we play, it’s a pretty good night. He’s physical. He talks on defense. He played good,” the UK coach said.

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