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SEC Network/ESPN anchor Peter Burns not surprised by UK’s success

Peter Burns thinks happy days are going to continue for UK fans. (Vicky Graff Photo)

By DUSTIN CORDELL, Contributing Writer

Before the season started, SEC Network/ESPN studio anchor Peter Burns was high on the Kentucky football team. He’s seen nothing to make him change his mind going into tonight’s UK game at Texas A&M.

Question: What about this Kentucky team has surprised you the most?
Peter Burns: “Honestly, not a lot. The reason why I say that is I was high on the Wildcats before the season. I knew that they would be a physical team and I knew they had a chip on their shoulder. When I saw how upset Mark Stoops was at Media Days because he felt like this team wasn’t getting the respect it deserved, I knew they were going to surprise people.”

Question: Before the season started what was your prediction  (W-L) for this team?
Burns: “9-3. I felt like they would beat Florida in Gainesville, but I didn’t expect the Mississippi State beatdown.”

Question: After the way the first five games have went, what is your prediction for the remainder of the year?
Burns: “Two losses. The Missouri game scares the heck out of me, as I think it’s a classic look ahead game versus a tough matchup on the road. I hope I’m wrong because this run in as fun of a run I’ve seen in a while. They remind me of 2014 Mississippi State.”

Question: Why do you think Kentucky has repeatedly been given the underdog status every week so far?
Burns: “Because they have haven’t watched the film. They think of old school Kentucky with somewhat gimmicky fun offenses. People get caught in narratives and the outside world thinks of Kentucky as a basketball school so they aren’t dialed in. This team thrives on that role and I love it.”

Question: Where would you put Benny Snell in the Heisman race right now?
Burns: “It’s all on the Georgia game. He’s still a longshot, but that all changes if the Cats upset the Dawgs. Regardless, Benny has turned into one of the biggest personalities in not just the SEC, but college football.”

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