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Stoops plans to keep making fan base proud

Mark Stoops (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky coach Mark Stoops understands what his team’s impressive start this season has meant to fans and others.

“If you play football in the SEC and have success it has a great impact on your community and university,” Stoops said. “We appreciate (UK president) Dr. (Eli) Capuloto and same with (athletics director) Mitch Barnhart.”

There has even been love for the UK football program from John Calipari.

“Coach Cal and I are buddies. I am his biggest fan,” Stoops said. “When I go to a basketball game I can be spectator and see how wild and crazy our fan base is, and I love it. He feels the same way at a football game.”

Stoops understands UK fans have not always been happy with the time it has taken to rebuild the Kentucky program. However, he understands that passion.

“I take pride in what our team looks like. How we play is a direct reflection of myself. I try to make the community and fan base proud and I am glad so far this season we have done that and we plan to keep doing that,” the UK coach said.


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  1. Keep making us proud coach! Install a passing attack and relegate Gran to recruiting coordinator at end of season. We want Baker Scalzone.

    1. When Dorian Baker went 55 receptions for over 600 yards in 2015, guess who the OC was? Shannon Dawson.

  2. Would love to see UK go after teams like LSU went after Georgia, today. LSU played like they intended to win the game. Didn’t get a lead and then try to hold the ball. They played to win; they didn’t play “not to lose” like UK has done so many times under Gran.

    1. You are correct sir…I don’t believe we went there thinking or expecting to win that game. A week later it is hard to believe Wilson could play so poorly. UT just came out of “automatic” W for us as well. We have to get our edge back.

  3. This team is the 3rd or 4th strongest team in the SEC this season. This team has the #1 defense in the SEC thus far this season. This team has the #6 offensive team in the SEC thus far this season. This team has played and beaten two of the #3 #5 and #7 teams in the SEC this season. This team will play Georgia in 3 weeks for the SEC East Championship at Kroger Field. This team is clearly a top 15 team, and probably a top 10 team right now, and this team has been getting stronger as the season has matured.

    These coaches recruited and coached these players.

    These coaches are doing everything they can to put these players in a position to win.

    These coaches are not perfect, but the stones thrown in their direction never slow down, much less stop.

    This team, under the leadership of these coaches, will likely finish 10-2, and can finish 11-1 as SEC East Champs.

    Coach Stoops and his staff, these players do make the BBN proud.

    1. Hope you are right Professor, but UK had better find some more offense for the next six games than they have showed for the last 6 quarters of football they played against Carolina and A&M. I would not count the Gators out of the SEC East race yet either.

  4. I agree, LP.
    One dimensional teams don’t win many championships of any kind.

  5. I am sure many of you have seen the stats by now. UK is rated last in SEC in passing and 122 of 129 nationally. Gran is in totally over his head and is an idiot and Stoops is apparently aiding and abetting.

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