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Stoops: Pre-snap penalties have to stop

Mark Stoops can accept “aggressive” penalties but not pre-snap mistakes UK has had. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


One reason the Kentucky offense struggled the second half against South Carolina and then the whole game at Texas A&M has been penalties.

False starts and holding penalties put the Kentucky offense behind the chains too often and has resulted in long third-down situations that Kentucky could not convert. Coach Mark Stoops knows that has to change.

“The last two games, and I mentioned it after South Carolina and then I thought in this game, the situation affected us at times,” Stoops said. “And that can’t happen if you want to win and win consistently you have to address that.

“Part of it, the aggressive fouls are sometimes going to happen. But the pre-snap penalties and that things of that nature we can’t have. Just have to continue to work on it and harp on it.

“Some of the best teams I’ve ever been on, were highly penalized because of the aggressive nature of the team. I’m not saying I want that, obviously we can’t have some of that. But we’ll continue to work through it.”

On the flip side, it often seems that UK defensive end Josh Allen has been held with  no penalty called. Can Stoops appeal to the SEC office about no-calls on Allen?

“I did not say that,” Stoops joked. “Yes, I can take it to the league. I’m not at liberty to discuss what they tell me or I will be fined.”

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