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Stoops: Terry Wilson’s indecisive play was “on everybody, not just on him.”

Terry Wilson (Vicky Graff Photo)


So what happened to the Kentucky offense at Texas A&M? The Cats were so ineffective that they never had an offensive snap in Texas A&M territory in the 20-14 overtime loss in regulation play.

“Thought they did a nice job of affecting the quarterback (Terry Wilson) and that is with coverage and push in the pocket. He was not comfortable all night,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops admitted. “That’s on everybody, not just on him.

“We have to do a better job as a coaching staff to put him in a position to get him some comfort. Our players have to give him some protection and we have to do some things better. That’s all of us. That’s not on any one guy.

“But he definitely was not very comfortable. And you talk about effecting the quarterback, they did that to him. They affected him in a big way.”

It sure did. He not only could not throw the ball down the field, but Wilson could not get loose when he ran on either designed calls or trying to scramble away from pressure. Plays that had been first down runs in previous games were only short gains at Texas A&M.

“They do a nice job of mixing it up. But they also have guys that can get pressure with four. Zone blitzes, again, they made it not very comfortable for Terry,” Stoops said.

Stoops didn’t argue that his sophomore quarterback who was making his sixth start was indecisive most of the game.

“Just watching it from the sidelines, you felt like there were times where if he just made a decision to pull it down and run it he may have gotten it. Or wait in the pocket and wait until a receiver cleared,” Stoops said. “But give them credit. They were very good. Good in their coverage.

“They were really good at escaping and tackling him when there were lanes. They have some athletic guys. It looks like there’s windows there and they would escape and get him down.”


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  1. The UK offensive line got whipped, you are right coach, so get in their face at halftime, and make adjustments. If you did that, my apology. Maybe try another UK QB for a few series. That may have worked too. If you are losing at the LOS all night on offense, and your QB can’t produce, what have you got to lose?

  2. Agree, LP.
    He might get lucky and find a player that can actually make quick decisions and throw the ball.

  3. Apparently the coaching staff is trying to shield Wilson from a lot of culpability for the loss, but the evidence shows that our offensive efficiency has taken a significant hit in the last 6 quarters, and I am not sure that Wilson has yet to take any accountability for his performance. Since Gran can’t be totally trusted with making many sound decisions, you may cast my vote for QB change at halftime of the Vandy game if previous performance levels cannot be matched or increased during that span.

    1. I suggest giving Hoak the majority of snaps with the ones this week, and next, get him ready, and start him against Vandy. His turn to see what he can do to get the offense in gear. If it don’t work out, go back to Wilson. I doubt this happens though. For sure something has to give. Yeah, they need to stick together, I agree, who wouldn’t? But they need to fix their offense big time..

  4. I’m not going to jump on the anti-wilson train. The kid is a sophomore and is very talented. Fact is, the A&M defense is the real deal and it is a very difficult place to play. I think we chalk this one up to experience and let Wilson grow into the position. We won’t be disappointed with the outcome.

    And gentlemen, we’re 5-1. Not a person in this room anticipated that. Maintain perspective.

    GO CATS !!!

    1. Good points my friend, but UK has to find some offense, NOW. to beat the top teams in this league going forward, and too compete for an East championship. Florida is coming on strong now. UK never crossed mid field Saturday night in the second half as I recall. What we saw from the UK offense against A&M won’t get you many wins in the SEC I don’t care who you play. Time of possession for A&M wore the UK defense out. Wilson is a great athlete, but I still believe Hoak is the better passer, and has proven it in the few min. he has played this year. I say give him a shot, against Vandy at least. He gets the ball out faster for one thing. That is what UK needs now IMO. That said, don’t worry, they won’t play Hoak unless Wilson goes down and they are forced to. I respect your views Norman, and yes 5-1 is a pretty nice place to be right now, but it ain’t over yet.

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