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Talented bigs will make Ashton Hagans’ job “easy” this season

Ashton Hagans, left, with teammates at Big Blue Madness. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Freshman Ashton Hagans says Kentucky has been a “crazy, eye-opening” experience for him since arriving on campus in June. He was amazed when some UK fans “flipped” a car after the UK football team beat Florida in September to end a 31-year losing streak.

“I was shocked by flipping the car. I can only imagine when basketball season comes around what it might be like after big wins,” Hagans said. “The older guys have been telling us about the fans and how everything will be. Anywhere you go, somebody knows you. The fans are friendly, but they like to talk to you a lot.”

Not only has Hagans never played with as much overall talent as he is this year, but he’s also not had chances to play with elite bigs like UK has with P.J. Washington, Reid Travis, Nick Richards and EJ Montgomery, another freshman from Georgia.

“Now I have four beast-like guys on the inside,” Hagans said. “That’s why I am so ready for the season to start already. With the bigs being that good and the guards we have, it is just going to make my job easy. I don’t have to score but when the chance to score comes, I can and I will.

“But I will be happy just to feed my teammates the ball. That just makes my game better and easier. Cal told me I just have to play my role and I have told him I will do anything for my teammates. They all know that, too.”

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